Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Toyota Corolla is the largest selling car in Pakistan from the past three of four decades. Corolla 2012 is a durable car which suits Pakistani roads and conditions in all possible ways. It has earned an image for itself with its reliability and performance comprising of years. Toyota had launched many successful models of Toyota Corolla over the past and this new sensation with latest looks and designs has surely won many hearts in Pakistan. This current model was launched in America about four years before it is launched in Pakistan. After successful profit earnings in USA, company launched it in many Asian markets including Pakistan and India. Its new sporty design is better than the previous model with better aero-dynamic features and road grip.
Toyota Corolla 2012 is among the world’s best selling cars all over the world. Japanese know how to design a performing and reliable car with all the important specifications. This newer model has further strengthened its image by eliminating the weaker points of the previous highly successful model. It has now ABS (Anti-locking-breaking-system). ABS was demanded by the customers in Corolla GLI as it was available only in higher product line.
An elegant look, spacious inner cabin, latest interior features, excellent suspension and a 5-speed manual transmission with a powerful 16-valve 1.3 engine with VVT-I technology makes it a heartbeat of every Pakistani car lover. It has luxurious seats, power windows, power steering, excellent handling, powerful A/C and safety features like seat belts and airbags.
Toyota Corolla GLI is the only car in Pakistan which is equally popular in all parts of the country irrespective of the conditions and area. This is because of the fact of its durability and ability to perform in every condition. Its popularity can easily be noticed. If you stand at any Pakistani road for 5 minutes you will definitely see five to 10 Toyota Corolla GLi cars. Corolla GLI has now launched its 2012 Toyota Corolla Gli Automatic model which is available in new attractive metallic and non metallic colors which give it a gorgeous look. Lets read about Toyota Corolla 2012 GLi Price in Pakistan which is given above.


The trend of modern times has been converted to mini cars. Now individuals who just have to go to their offices and on picnic with their small families, love to own a small vehicle just like Toyota Vitz. This model has been upgraded with several variations than the previous one and you can check the Toyota Vitz 2012 price in Pakistan along with its review in this post. It is much better than the 2011 model but when compared with overall category of small cars, it has got average praise. You will definitely appreciate our effort to provide you relative important details on this vehicle.
This mini vehicle Vitz 2012 by Toyota is luxury ride in comparison to the other mini cars of the same budget. As concerned to the external beauty of Toyota Vitz, the front head lights look as beautiful eyes and overall exterior body is aggressively designed. This model is actual sportiness with boasting exuberant designs and styles. The previous exterior body was a cute and jellybean which is now replaced with a bigger one having sporty grill.
Interior of Toyota Vitz 2012 Pakistan is almost parallel to the expensive luxury cars. The comfy premium quality leather seats, foot tray under passenger’s seats; standard air conditioner and enough room for four passengers are some of the prominent features. The Ultra violet side mirrors protect from direct sun rays.
As far as performance of this Toyota Vitz 2012 is concerned, don’t get upset as these lines will not disappoint you. Apparently, there is nothing specially changed under the bonnet. The same integrations to the previous model as 1.5 liter four-cylindered engine in the 2012 model with very few changes are not a great hit. The traditional transmission of five-speed manual and four-speed automatic is also a similarity to the previous Vitz.
Finally, this is a real car embossing and specifying more betterments than the last generation. The low-standard specifications of Toyota Vitz 2012 may not be a big matter for the people who just want the vehicle that is reliable and never create troubles on long routes. One cannot regard this model as a complete embarrassment as it is OKAY for everyone.