Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Toyota Corolla XLi 2013 Review

There is one car that is set never to go out of fashion, deliver luxury and economy at the same time without compromising a bit on quality. It is none other than the latest Toyota Corolla Xli 2013. As we had mentioned earlier that Xli is coming in new distinct colors as limited edition models apart from the regular black and white, this streak is likely to continue even with the launch of the latest model.


High Fuel Load, Wider Range of Colors, Automatic Solenodial Valve, Cheaper Spare Parts.


Low front Visibility, Low engine Power, Inconvenient Handling.
All other specifications of this car like the body design, inner cabin capacity, back trunk storage capacity and seats are pretty much identical to the previous year’s model. The only remodeling that is clearly visible is in the front grille and the headlamps.
Corolla Xli 2013 is an all season car suitable for typical roads of Pakistan. It features a 2 year and 50,000 km warranty with Toyota standards. It also features driving comfort with rear coil springs are reinforced to handle the additional trunk load. Unlike the previous models, the new Corolla is no more available in the CNG variant, so it is all petrol from now onwards. Moreover, it is also a little higher in price compared to the previous model Corolla Xli 2012.
It gives pleasant driving experience with its 5-speed transmission system and a 1.3, WT-I, 16 valve engine. A brisk acceleration, smooth and pleasant drives and good fuel efficiency makes it compatible to any car in Pakistan.
The car has room for five people with its front bucket seats and three-place rear bench. The front seats are comfortable, with nice elbow rests on both sides and getting in and out of the seats is easy. Interior features include standard air conditioning, standard telescoping steering wheel, fabric upholstery and standard CD stereo with MP3 jack. In its exterior the S trim adds ground effects, fog lights, a rear spoiler and 16-inch alloy wheels for a sportier experience. Exterior features include fifteen or 16-inch wheels, daytime running lights.
Previously, the car was available in black and white colors; now, more colors are added to its shade card. Since government restriction came of making CNG cars came timely, no new cars are being made with gas kits. This takes a lot of load off the car as well as the engine, making it perform better and last longer than it previously would.
Mechanical and technical support is available by qualified and experienced technicians on exclusive Toyota Pakistan sale and services points all over the country. It has much cheaper spare parts available in the market as compared to its other competitors.

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